Thank you for your participation in Techno-Ocean2016 which ended with a great success.
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Techno-Ocean is looking ahead to the holding of OCEANS’18 in Kobe, this time the event will also call for papers from members of the general public (as it had done up until 2010). There will feature Concurrent Sessions from several national research and development institutions and Children’s Art Exhibition aiming to encourage their interest in the oceans. There will also feature Exhibitors presentation in Exhibition aiming to the different exhibitorsto communicate with one another as well as with the researchers attending.


Techno-Ocean 2016
Return to the Oceans
October 6(Thu.)-8(Sat.), 2016
Kobe Convention Center
The Consortium of the Japanese Organization for Techno-ocean 2016
Technical Co-sponsor
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation
Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency
Port and airport Research Institute
RIKEN Advances Institute for Computational Science
City of Kobe


  • Professor Koji OTSUKA, Chairman of the Techno- Ocean 2016 Executive Committee (College of Sustainable System Sciences,
    Osaka Prefecture University)

    Having first been held in 1986, Techno-Ocean is no welcoming its 16th convention. As such, it has become recognized as an established event both within and outside Japan among researchers and industry relating to the oceans. Techno-Ocean is always well-attended and, looking ahead to the holding of OCEANS’18 in Kobe, this time the event will also call for papers from members of the general public (as it had done up until 2010). As introduced on two previous occasions, the event will also feature Organized Sessions from several national research and development institutions. These will offer free admission in order to allow the public to participate. There will also be an Art Exhibition and ‘Sea World’ classes aiming to encourage our children and the future generations to develop their interest in the oceans around us. The previous Techno-Ocean 2014 had ‘Mother Oceans’ as its the theme. This theme was part inspired by the experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake. The intent was to remind ourselves of the important blessings that our Mother Ocean yields to us, as well as to affirm the respect we hold for the seas. We wish to continue to express these sentiments and to engage more people to pay attention to Mother Ocean. Therefore the theme of ‘Return to the Oceans’ was chosen for 2016. We hope that many companies, universities, research organizations, and governmental offices from many different fields relating to the ocean will participate in the Techno- Ocean 2016 exhibition. Since being appointed Chairman I have been working towards this event together with the Executive Committee, Secretariat and with the great support and cooperation of the many related organizations. In closing, I sincerely hope Techno-Ocean 2014 will make a significant contribution to the development of ocean- related fields in Japan. Thank you very much.
  • Takashi YAMAUCHI Chair of Techno-Ocean Network
    (Chairman of Keidanren’s Committee on Oceanic Resources)

    Since its first event in 1986, ‘Techno-Ocean’ has been held every two years and this next convention will be the 16th occasion. Being Japan’s only comprehensive international convention focused on the oceans, the event has been an active one and enjoyed the support of industry, academia and governmental organizations. Our Techno-Ocean Network is an organization aiming to develop an extensive network of researchers and enterprises across the wide- ranging areas and fields relating to the oceans. In looking ahead to holding the OCEANS’18 conference (to be held in Kobe in 2018), the Techno-Ocean 2016 convention will be organized with the involvement and management of the IEEE/OES (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers / Oceanic Engineering Society), the MTS (Marine Technology Society) and the CJO (Consortium of the Japanese Organizers). One feature of particular note is that we will once again call for papers from the general public (formerly included in the event up until Techno-Ocean 2010). We have high expectations that the 2016 event will also deliver the most significant data and findings from the latest projects being conducted by ocean-related researchers within and outside Japan. As such, we are confident that all the discussions will contribute positively to our specialty fields and build momentum and excitement towards OCEANS ’18. Also, in order to realize the philosophy behind Techno- Ocean, which seeks to reach not only people working in connection with the oceans, but also the general public, we will be holding a wide variety of program elements such as concurrent sessions which will serve as a key outreach opportunity for various research organizations. There will also be an exhibition in which various ocean-related businesses and enterprises display exhibits. There will be a youth-oriented promotional event – the ‘Underwater Robot Competition. We sincerely hope that all who participate will enjoy a great many meaningful exchanges with many other people. We trust that everyone will discover and share useful information that they can apply to their own interests and pursuits towards research and future product development. And, by achieving all of this, I wish from the bottom of my heart that Techno-Ocean 2016 will make a great contribution to developing Japan’s maritime and ocean fields.